10 Creations Invented by Women That Have Changed the World for the Better

Whenever you think of the word “inventor” you probably think of an old man tinkering with gadgets and gizmos, along the lines of Ben Franklin. At least that is my perception of inventors, but this is a closed-minded outlook on this topic. There have been as many, if not more creations invented by women than by men. However, due to society, women are looked over in this field. We are here to change that and celebrate the wonderful inventions made by women around the world, that have changed the world into what we have today. Here are our favorites, but keep in mind, there are so many things out there, and if it’s not on this list there is a chance a woman invented it.

10. Windshield wipers

© Fotógrafo desconhecido/WikimediaCommons, © Ildar Sagdejev/WikimediaCommons

Before 1903, vehicles actually didn’t have windshield wipers. This is a shocking fact, but less shocking is Mary Anderson, a woman, invented the windshield wiper after she drove in a winter snow.

9. Coffee filter

© Fotógrafo desconhecido/WikimediaCommons, © Kaffeetastisch/Pixabay

Back in the olden days, to filter the coffee beans from the coffee, you had to use a cloth coffee filter that had to be cleaned each and every time it was used. Melitta Bentz despised this part of her housewife career and invented the paper coffee filter that we know and love.

8. Injection syringe

© IES Federico Balart, Pliego, Región de Murcia/YouTube, © pxhere

The injection syringe, invented by the American nurse Letitia Mumford Geer in 1899, has saved the most amount of lives than any of the other inventions on this list, by allowing doctors to inject patients with medicine with a one-handed motion.

7. Dishwasher

© Post of Romania/WikimediaCommons

Inventions are created when someone discovers something that could be improved. Josephine Cochrane built the first dishwasher in 1886, when she realized the amount of time saving and effort could be saved if the dishes were done by a machine.

6. Monopoly

© Fotógrafo desconhecido/WikimediaCommons, © Júlio Cesar J.Cesar/Pixabay

This is a little-known fact, but Monopoly wasn’t created by Charles Darrow, but was designed by Elizabeth J. Phillip. Darrow patented the game before Phillip could, stealing the fame and fortune.

5. Lifeboat

© Maria Beasley/WikimediaCommons, © Fotógrafo desconhecido/WikimediaCommons

The lifeboat is another life saving invention created by Maria Beasley. They are still widely used today and helped save thousands of lives in ocean disasters such as the Titanic.

4. Invisible glass

© Smithsonian Institution from United States/WikimediaCommons

Invisible glass is the glass that is used in cameras and projectors as it has low reflectivity. Katharine Burr Blodgett had a doctor in physics and decided to dedicate her life to optics, which allowed all of us to see the world more clearly.

3. Kevlar (strong fiber)

© Chemical Heritage Foundation/WikimediaCommons

You hear about Kevlar all the time in military and industrial application, as it is nearly five times stronger than steel yet still as flexible as fabric. You better believe that Stephanie Kwolek invented this material.

2. Wireless network

© MGM/Clarence Bull/WikimediaCommons

Hedy Lamarr, a famous actress and inventor, co-created a simple wireless network, a predecessor of our beloved Wi-Fi. Without Wi-Fi technology, there is a solid chance you would have never seen this article.

1. Disposable diapers

© WkimediaCommons, © pxhere

If you have had a child or been around many, you know disposable diapers are a game changer by allowing the caregivers to quickly change a baby’s diaper and throw away the previous one. Marion Donovan is the lady responsible for saving you the dreaded task of cleaning a baby’s diaper!