15 things you need to stop doing to have beautiful skin

We do a number of things on a daily basis that are detrimental to the health of our skin. The tips below should be followed religiously in order to attain glowing and healthy skin. 
There are countless companies advertising their products as miraculous or groundbreaking. They are selling products that will allegedly make your skin look youthful and spot-less in couple days. However, the only thing that is insuring and helpful is our actions on a day to day basis. Thus, altering your skin routine and your perception of it can drastically better the health of your skin and it’s appearance. So, because we have a propensity for damage and havoc, here are some things we all do that can worsen the condition of our skin.

15. Sleeping with your makeup on

This is something that’s often left undone. It is really important to take off your make up before hitting the sack! Always bear in mind that sleeping with make up is straight up skin suffocation. Andrea Rodriguez, co-founder of Chalet Cosmetics says “If you want to have beautiful skin in the morning, you need a makeup remover,” she goes on to add: “Sleeping with makeup doesn’t just age the skin, it prevents the skin from recovering overnight to maintain its elasticity and hydration the next day.”

14. Not wearing any suncreen

We’ve all been educated enough about the pertinence of wearing sunscreen to the health of our skin, especially on a day to the beach. But we tend to let go of it on a normal day out ?? Awareness should be raised on the fact that we are on a constant exposure to sun rays. This calls for a daily morning application of sunscreen. Dr. Brett Kotlus, an oculoplastic surgeon have spoken out about this: “The first thing you can do to reverse the signs of ageing is to be more diligent in using sunscreens” he goes os to elaborate: “Ideally, you should use a sunscreen with SPF protection of 15 or more and a mineral-based product.”

13. Going to bed late

The primary cause of dull and tired skin is lack of sleep. If you’ve been skipping couple hours of sleep for a whole week you’ll definitely see the consequences on your skin. Sleep is vital and revitalizing. As said by Dr. Dennis Gross: “When the skin doesn’t get the optimal fuel it needs, it can become dull and pale,” “Lack of sleep can be so stressful that our bodies, including our skin, generate free radicals.” Eventually, we should all keep in mind that going to bed early could show better results than the expensive products we spend too much on. 

12. Spending money on beauty products that don’t work

Our markets our swarming with expensive skin care products which makes us feel baffled and undecided about the appropriate ones to use. But let’s put this straight , anti-wrinkle pillows are definitely not worth it. The idea behind these pillows is reducing the infuriating sleep lines that we all wake up with. This makes buying these pillows an utter waste of money as there are no scientific research that proves a certain fabric effective for sleep lines. 

11. Popping your pimples

The best way to spread bacteria all over the face is by popping pimples! It’s definitely very tempting and obsessive but it’s very recommendable to not yield to it. A quick solution to stop this crazy obsession would be to use a washcloth to wash the face. After all, our skins have the ability regenerate themselves and heal the zits, so it would be better to avoid popping pimples and let it the skin do the work.

10. Taking really hot showers

Hitting the shower after a long day is the best thing you could ever do to get rid of the day’s heaviness and you can make it even more relaxing with a glass of wine. However, we should be all be aware of the damage scalding hot water could bring to our skin. Thus having a cooler shower will not only protect your skin barrier, it will also give you a refreshing feel.

9. Don’t exaggerate with fillers and injections

Plastic surgery is something that we see on a day-to-day basis and sometimes in some pretty exaggerated forms. Some of these surgeries could result in really tight eyelids and hard-to-move foreheads that always look weird and abnormal. One if the most common surgeries nowadays are lip fillers and we should all keep in mind that the trend of huge lips is only a trend and it’s not that attractive after all.

8. Going to the tanning salon

 Tanning beds have been around since forever and we have all been educated enough about how they potentially cause cancer. However, the damage goes way more than just that. A medical study suggests that people who use tanning beds are more prone to redness and swelling. That means that if you’ve never tried a tanning salon before, you’re better off without it !

7. Using too much exfoliant

 Thoroughly washing your face before going to bed is one of the most important aspects of skin care but sometimes a lot of people seem to take it a little too far. For instance using a washcloth or facial brush on a daily basis could be too stripping for the skin . Dr. David Bank, an aesthetic dermatologist, told Prevention: “It is not unusual for people to regularly use a retinoid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and a mechanical cleanser, so that their skin becomes red and irritated instead of radiant,” This goes especially for people who suffer from acne. Hence, Acne-prone skin should be dealt with with so much delicacy and daily exfoliation will only worsen the condition of your skin. 

6. Smoking

We have so many products and treatments out there, that we often forget about the most basic things we can do to help our skin out. One good example is to stop smoking. Smoking is such a destructive habit that no treatment – either applied or digested- is able to fully get rid of its ruinous consequences. Along with the necessary use of sunscreens, quitting smoking will be a focal step in your journey to glistening skin. 

5. Drinking too much coffee

Hydration is the key element of every glowing skin and we cannot stress enough the vitality of drinking water throughout the day and its contribution in keeping the skin plump and youthful. On this account staying off anything that dehydrates or flushes water out of the body is crucial for the health of our skin. Two of the most popular and overriding substances that cause dehydration are coffee and alcohol. Along with junk food these two substances should be in the black list if you aspire to keep your skin in fine fettle. 

4. Washing your face too often

A nightly face wash is a nice treat for the face. However, the maintainability of a healthy skin care regimen calls for moderation. This means that it is recommendable to only wash your face once a day and stay off any excessive washing. Continuous and excessive washing of the skin damages the skin barrier by notably drying it out. Consequently, the face becomes open to infection that in turns results in breaking out. Some people might even notice, further down the line, skin diseases the likes of eczema and other inflammatory conditions that lead to premature aging and wrinkles. 

3. Touching your face

Let’s all face it, we all get obsessive over touching our face, we basically cannot stop. Bearing in mind the injurious effects of it and the bacteria the spreads all around when we do it. Who would have thought that simple gestures like touching your face or resting your chin on your hands can introduce dirt, oils and bacteria into the skin. Furthermore, it is also important to keep a watchful eye over the potential eye damage that touching the face causes that breaks the delicate capillaries under the skin and destroy the tissues in the area.

2. Eating dessert every night

The chocolate cakes and the ice cream left-overs you have in store are also your skin enemies. The excessive consumption of sugars has detrimental effects on the production of collagen- an important substance for our skin’s elasticity and youthfulness. Sugar weakens our immune system which makes it susceptible to thriving bacteria. Accordingly bacteria remains on the surface of the skin causing breakouts. In addition to that, sugar brings our testosterone levels a bit up, which worsens our dermal condition.

1. Never seeing a dermatologist

Do you ever keep track of your moles? Have you been paying a visit to your dermatologist at least once in a while? Checking your moles out for changes or new growths is crucial for the early diagnosis of skin cancer, but we don’t know as much as a dermatologist knows about the matter. That’s why it is advisable to see your dermatologist annually for a body check. And at the end of the day there’s no one else to resort to about any other skin concerns.