30 Magnificent Ways of Human Body will shock you

30: A Scalp After A Transplant

 Nowadays, science is redefining the term “possible”.  Couple years back, going bald was a hopeless irreversible matter, and if you had told anyone about the possibility of transplanting their hair and have it grow as it used to, they would have thought you blabbering. Today the resurrection of a hair follicle is so easy that it only takes couple hours to get the whole scalp covered with hair again. This is what it looks like immediately after a hair transplant procedure.

29: Balloon Hands?

Hand puffiness occurs for a wide range of reasons such us smoking, substance abuse, or an injection that was poorly injected just as shown in the picture. An excessive amount of injected opioid drug causes the hand to dramatically swell. 

28: Legolas

As children, we used to love a good elf character but what’s so intriguing, is that elf ears are just as common in real life as the movies and cartoons we used to watch growing up. This condition is often found in children and is easily corrected at a really young age. The kid in the picture is beautifully pulling elf ears off! 

27: Heterochromia

A gene pair of mutual dominance is in play here. This picture displays a medical condition in which a gene pair is mutually dominant, this makes the alleles show their phenotype simultaneously, giving rise to a beautiful mixture of the phenotype. heterochromia is an instance of this condition where the colors of both eyes are different. Discolorations might mildly show up on the skin too. 

26: There’s A Small Opening Near His Temple

This is a rare medical conditions that has it’s roots during the formation of the baby. During the embryonic stage some cells might go informed, which results in small opening as such that could be in different areas of the body. This condition is benign but there have been some cases of infection so if you happen to have it, be watchful! 

25: Michelle Lee’s Hands

Michell worked at a massage parlor. She’s was left out in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean. We can only imagine the fright that being in the middle of the ocean would bring. However. the persistance and perseverance of Michelle pushed her to row for 3000 miles that the skin of her stiffened. She didn’t gave up and neither did her body. 

24: The Amniotic Band Syndrome

SyndromeThis medical condition also occurs during the development of the baby. The amniotic sac, which is a fluid-filled sac that protects the a fetus in the womb is in play here. This sac could sometimes wrap itself around the embryo hindering the development of some parts or organs. As the picture shows, the amniotic sac had hampered the full development pf the hands.

23: Weird Moles

Moles are bizarre! Sometimes they could beautify and embellish the body, but other times they may look creepy and disturbing. It all depends on where the mole is positioned. Having Marlyn’s mole is of course incredibly appealing but having it on the belly button will certainly look like a third eye! 

22: Mismatched Eyelashes

This represents another type of heterochromia that was discussed before. In this case it targets the eyelashes rather than the eyes, making the color of the eyelashes look different in each eye. This is, apparently, peculiar to patients with heterochromia, but it can also be rarely found in non-heterochromia patients. Due to the rarity of this medical condition patients should be really appreciated for their traits. 

21: Coloboma

This medical condition is called Coloboma. It is a condition that affects the eye, where some eye cells go missing. In the picture, the iris part is missing making the pupil look like a moving runoff. Sometimes Coloboma might affect vision but it depends on which exact part of the eye is lacking cells. 

20: High-Three!

As mentioned before, missing parts of the human body often have their roots in the embryonic stage of our development. This cheerful lady has only three fingers. She’s a Reddit user and comes up with the craziest jokes on her fingers. She celebrates her uniqueness and sometimes brags about how famous characters have the same finger count as her.

19: Lichtenberg Figures

There are millions of neurons all over the human body. They are responsible for the carrying of messages from and to the brain. The messages move back and forth in the form of electrical impulses. Moreover, the synaptic web is what allows for theses electrical impulses to reach other neurons making the circulation smooth and seamless. The guy on the picture was struck by lightning that ran through his veins leaving permanent scars as a result of hyper-electrocution of the neurons.

18: Amber

Alot of people mistake amber eyes for hazel ones. However, there exists a notable difference between the two. Amber eyes have a dominant golden color, that looks like sunlight shining through droplets of honey. Hazel eyes, on the other hand, have specks of green, golden and orange. In the human population, Amber eyes are almost as rare as green eyes.

17: Spiral Navel?

The navel is a much more important structure than most of us think. It represents a crucial point in embryonic growth. As most of us know, the umbilical cord is attached to the navel where food is provided, gases are exchanged and the excretion of the baby takes place. The umbilical cord is sometimes cut in a way that results in a spiral belly button that might look pretty unusual to some people.

16: Hereditary Progressive Arthro-Ophthalmodystrophy.

This is a recessive disease which denotes inheritance from both parents. It is condition is a result of a gene pair where two recessive alleles are present. In the picture, the person with this condition had enormous amount collagen (elastic fibers in the skin) giving the skin unusual elasticity. This is also conjoined with extreme ease of dislocation of the joints of the skeleton.

15: Peace

The girl in the picture has an extremely wide peace sign that would look sick and distinct in a group photo. This condition is characterized by incredible flexibility of tendons and cartilage. If a normal guy tries it out, they might end up with torn fingers. Let’s just appreciate people with this capability.

14: Tongue Tied

Tongue ties is a condition where the palatine processes of the oral cavity are tied to the tongue. When this condition is noticed, It is recommended to take action as early as possible and get it corrected through surgery before it results in speech problems.

13: Aquaman

Remember our mermaid dreams as children? The dreams of becoming a mermaid with big tails, fins and webbed feet while swimming swiftly in the wide ocean? Guess what ? Some people get to partially live that dream. The webbed toes happen during the embryonic development, where the feet do not split up. This condition is easily corrected surgically nonetheless.

12: A Cold Burn

Our bodies react pretty much the same way to both heat and cold. We have a homeostatic machine that only functions well in a stable equilibrium and balanced environments. In extremes of hot the body burns, and in extremes of cold the body reacts exactly the same way. The picture shows a very short exposure to liquid propane that is stored at -4 degrees Celsius. The damage had been done in couple seconds.

11: Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a well known disorder characterized by the loss of pigment in some parts of the skin leaving white patches on the surface. Vitiligo is a harmless, non contagious skin condition. Sometimes it is accompanied with a loss of hair pigment. As in the photo , the eyelashes look washed out due to vitiligo.

10: One Lone, Long Hair

This is a quite common genetic mutation where one hair’s growth pace is much faster than the rest. A lot people notice this and question why it happens. During the crossing over of chromosomes a mutation occurs altering the usual characteristics of the hair making it different to the surrounding hairs. But this strand of hair has not been shaved in too long.

9: Baby Smooth Thumb

Our wrinkly knuckles look so normal and natural for us, but think about how strange your hands and fingers would look without those wrinkles. The wrinkles we have are the result of continuous bending of our fingers. However, the person in the picture is such a peculiarity. They have snapped a tendon at a really young age that their thumb was never bent and is still smooth ever since their birth. 

8: Natural Highlights

Getting a highlight requires most people to go to a salon and pay a sum of money, but this baby will never have to go through that. This girl has a genetic mutation that makes her birthmark discolor her hair. That is giving her a beautiful beach-blonde highlights that we all pay relatively so much to get.

7: When Do Our Fingers Not Prune?

We have all experienced those long warm relaxing baths and how wrinkled our fingers get afterwards . But do we ever question why this phenomenon happens ? When we are underwater, the water permeates our barrier and goes into our cells that give the neurons the signal that we are underwater. This causes plasmolysis of the cells. They then swell and cause pruning. The pruning, as a result, facilitates the grabbing of objects underwater. This means that if our fingers or one of our fingers have a nerve damage  the message won’t be sent and therefore no pruning will occur. 

6: Hyper-Extension

The elastic dude from fantastic four was probably the most popular, Everyone wanted to be like him. Just the thought of being able to squeeze in whatever place will make us feel invincible. Sleepybutt is a Reddit user that is like the fantastic four dude. The difference is this user has a genetic mutation that allows her to extend her arms back. Anyway, this should look even quirkier in real life.

5: Weird Tricks

Reddit is where all the amazing people gather. Some show up with rare skin conditions, others with tongue tentacles… But this guy is showing his ability to stretch the skin of his neck to cover his mouth. This is similar to the aforementioned genetic mutations. In this case the body produces and supplies the skin with more collagen than normal which gives the skin so much elasticity. 

4: Dermatographia

This is called dermatographia. It is a skin condition that’s characterized by hypersensitivity of the skin. Thus, people with dermatographia are easily irritated. The irritation shows up in the form of welts and bruises. This is one of the most eccentric and intriguing skin conditions. I think a person with this condition has the ability to write on their body. In this case, the problem of forgetting things will dissipate.

3: Would You Mind Giving A Hand?

The condition in the picture is another case of abnormalities during the  embryonic development. In this case, there was a reversed growth of cells. It resulted in a backward development of the hand. This is quite interesting but the question is: which of the two hands is used for shaking, the actual hand or the back one. 

2: Cold Hands

Our body is noticeably reactive to cold. It has a thermoregulatory process that activates immediately and thermoregulates the temperature. But the picture displays a condition named Reynaud’s syndrome. This condition is characterized by the discoloration of the skin when in contact with cold. This could be a painful experience for some, along with the bluing of the fingers.

1: Under The Tongue Tentacles

This should definitely be a Martian freak! It looks quirky and spine-chilling. But it’s not as bad as it looks, this is a very human condition caused by another genetic mutation. It results in some protruding outgrowth from the tongue. These tentacles grow because of the folding of a part of the mucous membrane under the tongue.