7 Internet Beauty Hacks That Are Actually More Dangerous Than Helpful

This might come as a shocking revelation to you, but not everything you read on the internet is true, or to be trusted. And the crazy part is , there is a number of people out there who fall prey to the big web and deem it trustworthy , taking it into their daily lives . A prodigious amount of advice and guidance is thrown our way whenever we click search.  A common example being beauty “tips and tricks” . And with that being said , some beauty tricks are indeed reliable but the point of this is , a greater number of them isn’t. The rising question , therefore, is : how do we see through all the hacks ? Ps : Use a bit of mind ! We are providing 7 beauty tips that cause more harm than good . 

7. Transparent Nail Polish on Cold Sores

Who on earth is the mastermind of this hack ? The thing is it may appear to be taking effect temporarily, but the irritation and the counter effect that the trick might subsequently leave , is really not worth the try . Getting treatment geared towards cold sores is undoubtedly a better alternative , and it’s cheap !

6. Glue To Remove Blackheads

In addition to the fact that this is an utter waste of time and won’t ever work , it is highly irritating , as the chemicals in the glue could damage your skin barrier and cause allergies. Consider pore remover strips , they’ll surely get the job done with no damage. 

5. Hairspray on Makeup

Our skin could be a little sensitive if we’re not vigilant enough about what we put in it . And using hairspray to set your make up in place is pure blabber . The aftermath is : rashes , breakouts, irritation and all the other bad stuff. A make up specialized setting spray will do the work and save you from chaos. 

4. Potato On Oily Skin

This hack is about applying raw potatoes to you poor , reactive skin . While it might be true that potatoes can help reduce oiliness but it also comes along with other elements that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts . It would be a great treat for your skin , to buy a face wash and make up products that are specifically made for oily skin . 

3. Color Pencil Alternative For Eyeliner

The thought of using any color you desire on your lids , without having to buy thousands of colored eyeliners is pretty tempting . And as cliché as it might sound , it’s a horrible trick . Color pencils are not made for the delicate eyelids and as you might have guessed , they’re made for? : paper !! Furthermore , the chemical elements in color pencils can be toxic to the eyes .So, It is a perfect opportunity to splash out on couple colored eyeliners . They’re everywhere. 

2. Coffee for Tanning

Unless you’re allergic to coffee,  it could be a really beneficial ingredient for the skin. But to apply it for tanning purposes will not work , whatsoever . Coffee does in fact stain the skin a bit,  but it only last for a brief moment. Save your energy y’all . 

1. Baby Products Instead of Adult Makeup

The use of babies’ cosmetics could be detrimental for adults , these products are fabricated for the skin of babies which hasn’t fully developed a protective layer . Thus , the use of such products could prevent the skin from getting necessary oxygen , in addition, i could leave your face feeling dehydrated and looking pale .


Looking for answers and guidance from the internet shouldn’t be done blindly. Putting some thought and evaluating whatever info is important to save yourself from harm and make the best out of your google search.