Easy Skin Secrets Dermatologists Don’t Want You to know

Dermatologists undoubtedly want the best for their patients’ skin , but they don’t always reveal all the keys to a healthy and flawless skin . And it makes sense , if you knew everything it takes for a perfect skin , the job of dermatologists would be pointless . It goes without saying that there actually are some skin problems that need a  professional check. But it would be nice to have an array of options to choose from, before delving into pricey treatment and medicines with plenty of side effects. These simple tips we’re providing are worth the try, and all it takes is couple alterations in lifestyle, diet and some commitment, and it might be, all you ever needed to fix you problematic skin. 

8. Reduce Caffeine Consumption

Hydration is crucial for a healthy and youthful skin. Thus , being on the lookout for diuretic beverages alone, comes with amazing results . These beverages like coffee and alcohol contain high levels of caffeine and they flush the body out of water . While it is not so bad for water to leave our bodies , when it happens more that it should , it calls for compensation with more water . Caffeine is processed in the liver and with this process some minor toxins are left behind.So , sipping a cup or two of coffee a day shouldn’t be a call for concern but when you’re suffering from skin issues it would be best to stay off these beverages altogether. Plain or lemon flavored water would also make a far better substitution. 

7. Relax

It is needless to say that this generation is more prone to stress than the precedent. There’s a chaotic rush, everyone’s running amok and everything calls for a quick action, it is a real-life race! This only means one thing: more stress! Along with all the external pressures, stress is so hard to manage. It impacts our mental and physical health causing many complications that add to the whole havoc, and your skin gets influenced too. Your body tries to cope with the build-up of stress by breaking-out, drying out …etc, which makes you think that going around looking for products is going to help you solve the problem. The answer is a resounding NO! Targeting the underlying problem is the only permanent solution. So slowdown and take some time away from what makes you stressed out, go to a spa, treat yourself to a road trip. Anything that makes feel at ease and makes you relax will drastically change the undesirable behavior of your skin. 

6. Go Makeup Free At The Gym

There’s a whole weight a society puts on a woman’s shoulder, the weight to look perfect and fly all the time. From a very young age women grow weighed down with this societal pressure. As an outcome they never stop camouflaging their natural imperfections with make up and sometimes layers of it. With that being said, we do not intend to demonize make up in any way, but rather we intend to demonize going to the gym with a beat face. Our body prevents itself from overheating by sweating, a process that happens when we work out, but with a face covered in make up , this process is dangerously impeded, causing the sweat to be trapped in your pores and in turn clogging them causing acne and rashes. The crazy parts is that this undesirable aftermath may push you to reach out for you make up bag again, and there you are in a vicious cycle.

5. Don’t Skimp on Sunscreen!

A golden tan is a universally attractive feature, but what a lot of people don’t know about overexposure to the sun is that it’s detrimental to the skin . It is undeniable that the vitamin D that we get from the sun is irreplaceable but lingering under the sun for more that 10 to 15 minutes without UV protection is highly damaging to the skin and complexion, especially to the people residing in high altitudes. There’s a number of other downsides of regularly tanning, one if which being premature aging, a nightmare to the majority of people. Over-the-counter vitamin A treatments have proven their efficacy in treating sun-inflicted skin issues. So, if you have ever encountered sun damage, ingredients like retinyl palmitate, retinol, or tretinoin are gonna save your life, as long as you check in with your doc. 

4. Reduce Your Risk Of Skin Cancer

If you spend lengthy periods of time exposed to sunlight, developing skin cancer should be one of your concerns. There’s a number of habit to insert into your daily life in order to mitigate the risk of skin cancer, such as layering sunscreen. Another uncommon option is to take supplements like Niacinamide and Heliocare that you can both get your hand on with no medical prescription. Diet is also a good option to protect you from the deadly sun rays. Consuming carrots, blueberries, watermelon, seeds, nuts, and leafy greens is a great way to have a healthy and radiant skin. These foods are rich in antioxidants that are also good for premature aging. 

3. Wash Your Makeup Brushes Frequently

If you constantly use make up , you might be au fait with the importance of cleaning make up brushes , however many of us are offhand as to how often it should be done . This is overlooked more often than not . It is enlightening to know that make up brushes contain skin oil and sometimes foundation which attract dirt and bacteria that can easly be on your skin when the brush is overused . This can result in unpredictable breakouts and acne . It is advisable to wash your make up brushes once a week minimum.There are some far more serious complications to leaving you make up brushes unclean. The latter might pick up some dangerous bacteria that could have a terrible outcome, way worse than couple zits on the face . A Staph infection is an example of a bacteria that could potentially be fatal. The likeliness of this happening is even higher when your skin already has blemishes, acne, or tiny tears .

2. A Humidifier And Essential Oils Are All You Need

Every now and then, a new “promising” skin treatment pops out, with “experts” allegedly claiming how it’s effective at treating your skin problems. The not-so-new fact is: they’re all expensive. With that being said, these treatments may in fact be efficient, but what about you trying the less pricey ones first before rushing to the costly trends. As an example, a warm mist humidifier is a magic trick to get your skin to rehydrate at night, all you have to do is set your humidifier at night an let it do the magic. Adding essential oils like helichrysum, lavender, lemongrass, and frankincense makes it even a greater skin treatment. Essential oils are known for their relaxing properties too, which will help you relax and sleep well. 

1. More Sleep, Less Botox

Sleep is pertinent to having an overall good health. The amount of sleep we get highly effects our bodies and thus, our skin too. Lack of sleep has a number of unwanted results such as: puffing, wrinkling and sagging or even premature aging. So sleeping well alone, can treat your eye bags, that those piles of products weren’t able to treat. And if the problem lies in sleeping itself, like difficulty sleeping or restlessness then incorporating some relaxing habits like yoga, breathing exercises before going to bed will definitely make a change. If you’re aiming for long term effects then you better consider giving up smoking, regulating alcohol intake and exercising regularly. These may help even better than the botox painful injections ever would.


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