Never Eat These 16 Foods Please! They Cause Cancer

Processed Meats

Meat-based lunches are extremely popular. Meats like ham, steaks, sausages  and bacon seem to attract a lot of people especially the younger masses. But we should keep an eye for the chemical preservatives that are indispensable for maintaining a fresh look and helping with the marketing aspects. As most of us know, preservatives are the most famous culprits. With substances like sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite avoiding cancer is a tougher task for the human body. However, we fortunately have many options to choose from. Thus, opting for unprocessed meat or grass-fed sources is ideal for building a healthy diet and mitigating the risk of contracting cancer. All in all,  before looking for healthy fast food near me,  having an overall curiosity about the labels we purchase from and the items we consume is perfect for embarking on a healthy path and if processed meats are inevitable, then moderation is your best-friend.


Just like processed meats, soda is very likely to cause cancer when drunk excessively. It contains crazy amounts of sugar, chemicals and coloring that acidify our bodies and contribute to the growth of  cancer cells An recent diagnosis of cancer has shown that caramel coloring and its derivative (4-methylimidazole) has had direct links to cancer. It goes without saying, that moderation is the best way to get away with drinking soda. Hence, a can of soda a day might not be that harmful, but exceeding that amount heightens the risk of cancer. When all is said and done, avoiding soda altogether is the best option to get rid of the doubts of cancer especially that there is prodigious amount of cancer-causing foods out there.

Microwave Popcorn

It’s tricky to make a homy version of a night out in the movies with a popcorn bucket on hand, the excitement is just too great to have at home. But we can at least get microwave popcorn in easy-to-use bags that imitate our nights in the movies. Sad to say, these bags are coated with additives that perserve the popcorn inside.

These additives have been linked to infertility and liver, testecular and pancreatic cancers in people. The main culprit among these chemicals as found by the Environmental Protection Agency is perfluorooctanoic acid that is heavily found in the lining of the bag. Studies have unraveled that the aforementioned causes tumors in the body along with lung damage and cancer that a chemical found in popcorn causes in and of itself.

Diet foods

There exists an abundance of stores out there selling healthy advertized products. They allegedly provide low-fat meals geared towards people on diet as a completely healthy option. However, it is wise to keep in mind that these diet foods can cause more harm than good.

Several European Food Safety Authority medical studies have shown that such foods inflect even more harm than regular sugary soda. It further informed that apartame –  a renowned artificial sweetner – engenders detrimental complications like birth defects and cancer. Other artificial sweetners like sucralose, saccharin have also been proven to cause cancer. Furthermore, these boxed frozen diet meals may trick us into thinking that they’re totally organic, but the packaging and the additives that keeps them fresh and “healthy” are what we should be keeping an eye on.

Refined Sugars

We have all heard of the dangers sugar brings. The havoc it causes to the  human body is indescribable and while it is true that it is necessary to sweeten things up, refined sugars are known to rapidly increase insulin levels and fuel the growth of cancer cells in the human body,

couple fructose-rich sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrup have been considered to be among the worst perpetrators. Hence, people with a high refined sugar intake seem to develop cancer cells rapidly. Moreover, foods like cookies desserts, pasta and a number of sauces heavily use refined suger and since these types of foods are so commonplace it is no wonder why the cancer rates are whopping. In brief we should retain the cancerous cells feed on sugar more than healthy cells which should make it a good reason for all of use to regulate our sugar intake.

Red Meat

Red meat is plainly the most popular meal base in the United states. And although we witness a surge in vegan “conversion” red meat is still an indispensable constituent of our daily meals.

With that being said, it remains a call for concern that we consume red meat this much. An excessive consumption of it can lead to cancerous cells growth but a tamed consumption of red meats can have great effects on our health and if we can be just a little bot more selective and keep a vigilant eye on what we eat (opting for grass-fed meat)  we’ll be on far better diet. Hence, the guilty party here is immoderateness. A Harvest Medical School study has come with results showing that immoderate red meat consumption causes colorectal cancer. It further advises to have fish and chicken as an alternative healthier option. In sum, an occasional consumption of red meat wouldn’t harm but always make sure you’re having grass fed meat.

‘Dirty’ Fruits

Going to the shop with the intention of grabbing couple apples and grapes might sound like the best treat you could offer your health. It is nonetheless, sad to say that you’re not always on the right track.

Being mindful about the nature of the fruits you’re buying and making sure they’re 100% organic and pesticide-free is rather the right track, otherwise contracting cancer is nowhere near ruled out. A discovery by The Environmental Working Group showed that a whopping percentage of fruit companies a.k.a ‘dirty fruit’ companies put pesticides coated fruits out in the market. These pesticide have strong links to cancer and they contribute to birth defect, for instance consuming fruits that contain pesticides during pregnancy have resulted in underweight babies in a number of cases.All in all, pesticide residue is hard to get rid of on fruits like oranges, grapes, strawberries and apples even with repeated washing, therefore opting for organic fruits is the way to go.

Canned Tomatoes

The canned products stacked at your local supermarket have long been known for their unhealthy properties but for the reasons below canned tomatoes seem to be the worst. What makes it so is the can lining. The linings that contain canned food consists of a toxic chemical for the human body known as bisphenol-A or BPA.

This toxic chemical is able to inflect notable damage and cause cancerous cells to grow. In addition to this, tomatoes are highly acidic which makes the BPA release from the lining contaminating the tomatoes inside. The damage the BPA does to the human body is beyond measure that no one should be feeding their children canned tomatoes at all. Moreover, It makes us wonder why this chemical product is still not banned by the FDA but no banning has yet been imposed. Thus the only way to avoid this deadly chemical is to go for fresh tomatoes or glass jars of tomato sauce.

Farmed Salmon

Fish is considered one of the all-time healthiest meats. And while it may seem that you can never go wrong with going to the store and picking a piece of fish, the current food industry can’t seem to let go of chemical use. Farmed salmon, for instance, represents a threat to our health and unluckily, 60% of Salmon sold in the United States is farmed. Within fish farms, salmon is fed a number of chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides that makes its diet far from natural.

This helps give it that fresh red meat that is supposed to come out naturally. Furthermore fish farms provide a tiny space for salmon in comparison to its wild counterpart. Finally, It is also worthy of noting that farmed Salmon has a less healthy version of omega-3 that is known to be within fish, along with high levels of PCB’s, mercury, and cancer causing dioxins. In sum, it would be a wiser option to avoid farmed salmon altogether and reach for reputable companies that sell wild sockeye salmon.

Potato Chips

We all love watching movies while sitting on a couch with a bag of potato chips on hand. We also promise that it’s not gonna be another binge eating sesh, but we all end up finishing the whole bag eventually. However, potato chips are packed with acrylamide, which is a carcinogenic substance that activates in high temperatures as a result of baking or frying.

And indeed, studies on animals have come up with the results that this substance results in a range of different cancers. Furthermore, potato chips are made using artificial flavoring and coloring which is just another nail in the coffin. In brief, resorting to organic or home-baked potato chips or tortilla chips could make a precious alternative along with air-popped popcorn and whole wheat pretzels as their fat and calories levels are much lower.

Hydrogenated Oils

We all seem to know that processed are harmful by just using our commonsense but the issues goes deeper than that. What makes processed foods so bad is their chemical constituents.

Hydrogenated oils for instance are renowned preservatives used for stabilizing processed foods, keeping them fresh and edible as they linger on the market shelves for a human hand to eventually pick them up.

Hydrogenated oils are known to disrupt the integrity of cell membranes inside our bodies which might result in cancer. A number of companies are growing more aware of the dangers of these oils and are digging for new substitutes like palm oils. However, trans fats are still nonetheless used all over. On the flip side, vegetable oils contain incredible amount of Omega-6 fatty acids which we should also regulate. For a perfect diet a combination between Omega 3 and Omega 6 along with grass-fed meats and supplements can have amazing effects on one’s overall health.

Salted, Smoked, or Pickled Foods

Nitrates are thought to cause cancer, but the reality is, these chemicals aren’t that detrimental on their own. However, under certain conditions nitrates may become the culprit. Nitrates undergo changes within the body and turn into N-nitroso composites that can put anyone at a high risk of contracting certain types of cancer.We consume a lot of foods that are processed using nitrates or nitrites for preservation or coloring purposes and they are extremely damaging to our health.

Additionally, smoked foods take a lot of tar in from the smoke. Meats like sausages and bacon contain an abundance of fat and pickled foods contain even higher amounts of salt and they all should be consumed moderately. Throughout the years these foods have shown that they have direct links to colorectal and stomach cancer.For instance, countries like Japan have higher rates of stomach cancer due to the smoking nature of their cooking and their salty foods.

Artificial Sweeteners

This is for people on a weight loss diet or dealing with diabetes. Artificial sweeteners might seem like your only hope to taste sweetness again but we should definitely keep a vigilant eye on those.

The problem again, lies in immoderate consumption. Thus, Resorting to these alternatives on a daily basis while having tea, juice or soda will do nothing to fix your weight problems or even diabetes, in fact it might make you gain weight as it gets harder for the body to regulate the sugar inside. As mentioned previously, Aspartame is a chemical substance that’s usually found in artificial sweeteners. It has been the cause of some convulsion for some people along with other complications. Our body breaks down Aspartame into a detrimental toxin known as DKP. Thus, it is important to keep in mind that the food industry may not always provide us with healthy options, it is up to us to create ones.


We’ve all heard before about the dangers of consuming alcohol on a daily basis. An American study done on the effects of uncontrolled alcohol drinking showed that 200,000 women who had one drink a day had a breast cancer rates reach 30% in comparison to women who didn’t drink. Along with tobacco, alcohol is considered one of the primary cancer causing substances. Moreover, an occasional alcohol consumption may in fact be beneficial for the health and reduce the risks of heart disease. But on the flip side, regular drinking has perilous complications on the health of the human heart and can even be fatal. Furthermore the International Agency for research on cancer informs that Alcohol abuse leads to mouth, colon, liver, rectum and esophagus cancers. With this being said, you should stop drinking alcohol at all if you really care about your health.

White Flours

Most processed food are made with a incredible amount of white flour. And as we all know flour consists of a substantial percentage of carbohydrates that might not be so good for the human body. The journal of Cancer Epidemiology released a study showing that refined carbohydrates contributed to a skyrocketing increase in breast cancer among women.  The study went on to add that fast paced rises in blood sugar levels that have direct effects on the growth of cancerous cells were substantially found in high-glycemic foods  as a whole. The flour used in processed foods is bleached and refined within mills using a detrimental chemical known as chlorine gas that if inhaled in large quantities could have fatal consequences. Having an excessive amount of sugars in the blood stream is like giving the cancerous cells something to feed on. This means it is time to start watching out for bleach flour and provide better options to our precious health.

French fries 

Just like potato chips mentioned before, french fries contain concerning amounts of acrylamide which is a cancer-causing substance that forms at high temperatures when frying or baking.

Research demonstrates that acrylamide has strong links to a number if cancer types. As provided by the The international agency for Cancer Research  this substance may be a human carcinogen and when baking or frying food at temperatures above 242°F we should rest sure that the perpetrators has been ingested. French fries contain a substantial amount of acrylamide in comparison to other foods but further research needs to be done to put out exact facts. In summary, avoiding these cancer causing food is the only way to efficiently prevent our bodies from cancerous cells.


All the information provided in this article is based on medical studies done by renowned and reputable organizations.
But we always recommend that you must consult your private doctor because our bodies differ from one person to another.