The Top 10 World Changing Inventions Created By Women


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10. Windshield wipers

© Fotógrafo desconhecido/WikimediaCommons, © Ildar Sagdejev/WikimediaCommons

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Before 1903, vehicles actually didn’t have windshield wipers. This is a shocking fact, but less shocking is Mary Anderson, a woman, invented the windshield wiper after she drove in a winter snow.

9. Coffee filter

© Fotógrafo desconhecido/WikimediaCommons, © Kaffeetastisch/Pixabay

Back in the olden days, to filter the coffee beans from the coffee, you had to use a cloth coffee filter that had to be cleaned each and every time it was used. Melitta Bentz despised this part of her housewife career and invented the paper coffee filter that we know and love.


I can’t believe creation number 1 😮