The Top 10 World Changing Inventions Created By Women


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2. Wireless network

© MGM/Clarence Bull/WikimediaCommons

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Hedy Lamarr, a famous actress and inventor, co-created a simple wireless network, a predecessor of our beloved Wi-Fi. Without Wi-Fi technology, there is a solid chance you would have never seen this article.

1. Disposable diapers

© WkimediaCommons, © pxhere

If you have had a child or been around many, you know disposable diapers are a game changer by allowing the caregivers to quickly change a baby’s diaper and throw away the previous one. Marion Donovan is the lady responsible for saving you the dreaded task of cleaning a baby’s diaper!

Well now you know how all of these creations were created by women. Think of how your life would be significantly different without even a couple of these. Now take that to the next level and imagine a life if women didn’t invent anything.

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