what your fingernails say about your health

9. Gnawed Nails

A lot of people bite their nails, and it appears to be just a petty bad habit. However, this habit frequently signals anxiety that’s so in need of a medical check. Furthermore, nail biting is attributed to obsessive-compulsive disorder so, if you get a constant impulse, or you can’t keep yourself from biting your nails, you may wanna speak to your doctor about it. 

Nails Are Only Part of the PuzzleAll sorts of changes in nails come along with a number of conditions, and these changes are seldom the first signs. It’s important to also note that it’s not always a call for concern to notice abnormalities in your nails as most of them aren’t detrimental. However, the best way to get a confirmation is through a dermatologist. 
So what do we do to maintain the health of our nails? “Our bodies are smart so when we’re low in vitamins and minerals, our nails and hair will show it,” explains Norris.
Whole foods are amazing for the body, and they provide all the vital elements that our nails need. Therefore, It is really advisable to take multivitamins and preferably avoid the once-a-day type, as it is hard for our bodies to break down large compressed tablets. We should instead opt for the ones that are easy to digest, like capsules. The gelatin in them is much easier to dissolve. You can never go wrong with biotin and the herb horsetail, and their popularity says it all. Bear in mind that it is best to discontinue the use of biotin if you’re having lab work, two weeks prior. A recent study shows that it may interfere with some lab results.


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